General Purpose Amplifiers, 50mA

SMA(f) to SMA(f) Amplifier, 9~24V, 50mA, Gain 18.5dB
型號 : PAGP-3519XSFSF-A0X

Frequency 10~3000MHz 
Operating Current 50mA
Operating Voltage 9~24VDC
Gain Min. 18.5dB @10~1000MHz,18dB@1~2GHz,17dB@2~3GHz
Output P1dB Min. 14dBm @10~1000MHz,13dBm@1~2GHz,13.5dBm@2~3GHz
Noise Figure Max. 3.5dB @10~1000MHz,3.3dB@1~2GHz,3.5dB@2~3GHz
Input RL Typ.  -16dB @10~1000MHz,-13dB@1~2GHz,-13dB@2~3GHz
Output RL Typ.  -15dB @10~1000MHz,-12dB@1~2GHz,-12dB@2~3GHz
Connector Type  SMA Female to SMA Female
Body Size (mm)  35.1*30.0*12.5 , 31.5 g
Weight 31.5g
Operating Temp.  -40~+85
Storage Temp.  -55~+125